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TOBTO - identity design boutique

- Ukrainian word "Тобто", means i.e., an abbreviation of id est ‎(“it is”), means "that is", "in other words", "that is to say"
- i.e. is used to explain, clarify or rephrase a statement
- is an introvert driven identity design boutique / abstract painter / edm producer.

The move into infoworld with your own recognizable unique voice - is the strong signal for unparallel success.


Maniacal attention to details give you superior designed hand crafted logotype, fast loading landing page, a pleasantly appealing store front or custom social profile image.

Visual Identity Services

  • Logotype Design
  • Business Card
  • Social Media Profile Images
  • Web Landing Page
  • Store Front Design
  • Magazine Design
  • Poster, covers
    - - -
  • Podcast editing
  • Audio noise reduction
  • Audio hiss removing

Tobto LLC is registered and located in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine. I love unique & custom, fast, intuitive & simple. I prefer to work with a clients, which need a high quality fast responsive site with custom SVG-logotype, Social Media package (registration in Facebook, Google+, Twitter,..).

Hi, my name is Yuri Polchenko.