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Chrome Spy 2

Yesterday my FF3 (Vista, Duo 1.8, 2Gb) was self-updated and I received message below:

Error: Platform Version " is not compatible with
minVersion >=
maxVersion <=

Firefox Error

after which Firefox crashed without been initialized.

Well, I started Google Chrome and was surprised as one got all my cached browsing history (aha, Spy!) and perfectly started up.

And now I will say: Chrome is green undeveloped piece of software. The first impression was: - Oh, Chrome is fast! and after eight hours of busy work: - What is a piece of ...!

Sometimes Chrome thinks so long, I start to feel the Time is stopped. And then, I have NO any lovely Firefox SEO Add-on's!

Chrome is not only a spy, it is an rough cheap piece of promises. Do I like to wait for mobile Android? Never, thanks!


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