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“..ten years ago might have been the ten links. But today it might be to algorithmically compute an answer. Speed matters. If we can calculate an answer more quickly, that might be better for the consumer.”

Forget of oldfashioned linkbuilding practice as the base of SEO. Smart anchors, chosen keywords, backlinks, all that. Now speed matters and SEO gets fast tires to be Real Time SEO. Google Analytics feels smell of race and becomes Real Time Stats.

Аcceleration of content creation time in multimedia and targeted delivering becomes main trend of successful web presence. Therefore, fast metrics is good - and The Must (added 24.09.2012) - and s l o w metrics, as, for example, PageRank, becomes figurative or nominal subject - a collateral metric.

Arriving of fast mobile processors, UI-optimised AJAX, HTML5/CSS3, latest Android 4+, iOS+, general popular impact of tablets/pads multiplies users, which interact in multidimensional semantical field and send complex RT signals. Message in a bottle becomes bottle. You need clear view of the process: Twitter stats - number of twits / followers / retweets / + behaviour mechanics, Facebook group analytics, measurements of video watchings online/offline, # of RSS subscribers just to name a few. And, well - number of backlinks! - of bad & good quality, close/far located and geo undefined, unstructural and random.

What makes your signal louder, more clear for recipients?

You got palette of choices and decisions. Correct metrics and one precise instrument is all you need.

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