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Forums vs Blogs


QualityGal at Jim Boykin Blog says 'there is still value for forum as community in certain instances.' But I think there are no some instances as forum is community - public building, but blog is like hut for a single loneliness - lone person - pls, notice: not a pair or three of ones. Proud community of oneself.

  • 1. Forum is a multiuser thing from the beginning. Blog is for the individual.
         * Can you name any three multiuser blog scripts, besides WordPress MU?
  • 2. Blog is personal diary - for a person. Forum is social diary.
  • 3. Forum has very easy, readable UI - anyone can easy find interested topic and get input for discussion. Blog launches article and then subsequent comments.

I love forums, as well blogs. At forums you speak loud. At blogs you speak low, almost wisper to the ear.

Blogs are whispering community. Forums are Coliseums.

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