Viral Essence Of SEO


Nothing happened from times of Adam and Eve. Love is still Love and everybody on this planet likes to watch rising Sun and smiling Moon.

And then God created the Google, which collects all our knowledge from eyes as photos, diagrams, psychics as behaviour, from ears - music, speeches, talks, talkings, even gestures, colors, and even movements of eyes.

We became the platform of advertisement.

But then the God created the Facebook. From Noosphere we moved to Faceboophere) - with no knowledge of what is it. We communicate, we scream 'hello!' above oceans, cross meridians, we create groups, sitting close to our friends, colleagues, relatives. We are in touch with everything geared with iPhones, mobiles, gizmos of any kind. Of any kind.

People like to be engaged with something / someone, to create stories, to be reflected and glossed, to be Greatest and Famous, shine and prosperous. To be on Top.

SEO goes from in-site deep optimization to social activity. Nowadays I see offers by SEO-guys: 'Will buy 1000 Twitter accounts.. 5000 accounts of Facebook'.

Social network popularity becomes a top aid. The loud twittering becomes a macro economy.

I enjoy to my life as to viral marketing of myself. And still want to redesign my site. To more aggressively simple.

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