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1M of Mobile TV Subscribers

TU Media, the Korean S-DMB service provider, announced the number of subscribers to satellite DMB or paid mobile TV service exceeded 1 million, in 20 months after its launch in May 2005. TU Media offers 7 video and 20 radio channels via satellite and land-based transmitters.

While S-DMB is a paid service on subscription, T-DMB service (land-based) is free.

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What web sites Japanese access from mobiles

Latest survey tells on Japanese tastes:

  • Content, as ring tones, pics, .. - 61.0%
  • News and weather - 53.7%
  • Public transport info - 38.3%
  • Eating and drinking - 24.7%
  • Amusement-related (cinemas, etc) - 20.3%
  • Forum - 19.7%
  • SNS (Social Networking Service) - 15.3%
  • Blog - 15.3%
  • Don’t access web from mobile - 17.0%

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Personalized mobile ads?

Ericson and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) launch a two months trial program for personalized Mobile TV advertising. Users will be able to interact by voting, chatting, uploading photos and videos. Ads shown to users based on the user's age, gender, geo and persona. Types of ads include video, banners, ticker texts. Nevertheless, nobody wants to pay for mobile content. At least teens. The study of 1,500 children shows young generation like mobile web, especially mobile video, but don't like to pay for content. 29% browsed web on mobile once a month, 10% once a week and 7% once a day. Of those who didn't go on the internet, 24% said it's expensive. 45% want to send video messages.

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