Skype в телевізорі


"Запрошуємо до студії!" Можливо скоро ми чутимемо цю фразу все частіше. Річ в тім, що провідні виробники телевізорів Panasonic та LG вирішили встановлювати в свої наступні моделі Skype, що було анонсовано на виставці Consumer Electronics Show 2010 (CES 2010).

Отже, уявімо, як добре буде спілкуватись з друзями і родичами віч-на-віч перед "ящиком" в колі сім'ї. А ще цікавіше буде брати участь у ТБ-шоу всією сім'єю. А далі онлайнові ігри, навчання та електронний уряд... Але це вже буде не телебачення. Скайпобачення?

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Caffeine googling


Google almost ready to show its upgraded engine. The new version called Caffeine is fast, accurate and compact. A testers told Google doubled the search speed, what means almost identical to news reaction. And good news for SEO maniacs - changed algorithm of Caffeine relies more on keywords, what mean 'a better results'. What mean a new turn into SEO mountaineering.

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Chrome palette


Google has extended its chrome palette with Chrome Operating System aided towards netbooks, at first, for people who spend most of the time on the web. As it seems Google knows that soon we will use Open Source everywhere, including music distribution model, plus Cloud Computing, which means user will keep files of data on the net, but not in his home computer and plus HTML5 is already on the corner. Google Chrome OS, of course, is free and already supported by number of big names, as Acer, Adobe, ASUS, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Texas Instruments, Toshiba.

So Web as OS really becomes closer a little bit, as Chrome OS still is in infant age. Will it be competitor of Multi-Principal OS Construction Gazelle Web Browser from Microsoft? Not sure. Both companies feel smell of the fresh and change paradigm we have used on web. Both show direction on which the browsers of the future will lead us.

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Digital native smile


If you are a digital native, your smile will accompany next reading. Taptu (mobile search engine) announced that its users make about 1 mln searches a day (mobile searches!). But TRAI informed India’s mobile subscriber base now reached 403.7 mln. Since Gartner, a global research firm, said the number of users making payment via mobile will be more than 190 million by the end of 2012, you can understand why Google announced a beta Mobile AdSense program for iPhone and Android. So making mobile mo with mobile AdSense becomes real. The one point - you have to have a free application that gets 100.000+ pageviews/day.

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