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Hitwise US reported of top search engines in August, 2007. Not suprisingly Google has 64% of the search market. But what suprised me - is low percent for MSN, but well... So the main player in the field is Google now. I don't forget we live in the Web 2.0 Age when social networking plays a big role. Can HITWISE report on Web 2.0 search engines? I don't think so, because Hitwise still into Web 1.0 game, but a whole world continues Web 2.0 round.

Rank         SE          Volume
1. www.google.com   64.14%
2. search.yahoo.com 22.88%
3. search.msn.com    6.59%
4. www.ask.com?      3.35%


SEO Freelancer on 25-01-2008

Thank you for the stats. This really helps us to concetrate where to SEO better

Liza20 on 23-11-2007

Visualization is good, but recently the whole world use social bookmarking and I cant find any related statistics.

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