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Pipes Of Your Pipe

Concept of single page aggregators, such as Netvibes, is very useful - you define your own RSS-channels, collect them, order them as you like and put it on one web page in creative chaos. In old times of WEB 1.0 we had one page aggregators too - Yahoo is a good example. In comparison with WEB 2.0 'DIY' aggregators, where all blocks of content you choose by yourself, Yahoo offered set of static sources, such as weather, papers, etc. Your morning homepage was determined for you and your individualism has been limited by wall of available infoblocks.

Nowadays we have fluid conception. One page aggregators were powerful, but limited by absence of mixing and filtering. With the advent of Pipes manufactured by Yahoo - the monumental, powerful concept of individual aggregation - our small one-page homes turn pale.

Now to build your own individual personalized pipe you can use:
- nice drag-and-drop interface (Flash)
- big set of modules: Content Analysis, Count, Date Formatter, Date Input, Fetch URL, Filter, Flickr, For Each Replace, For Each Annotate, Google Base, Location Extractor, Location Input, Number Input, Rename, Sort, String Concatenate, Text Input, BabelFish, Truncate, Union, Unique, URLBuilder, URL Input,..
- at last to publish pipe as RSS, RDF, JSON and Atom

To pipe of your persona isn't hard, just to learn how to work pipes.


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