Viral Essence Of SEO 2020


Nothing new happened from times of Adam and Eve. Love is still the Love and everybody on this planet likes to watch rising Sun and smiling Moon.

And then God created Google, which collects all our knowledge from eyes as photos, diagrams, psychics as behavior, from ears - music, speeches, talks, talking, even gestures, colors, and even movements of eyes.

Tips On Creating a HQ Art Portfolio


Art portfolio is the set of your best works, which represent you as Artist and Person. It can be Analog (paper photographs, printed matters, slides) or Digital (website gallery, social media), or both.

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2019 SEO / Web Design Trends


Field notes - are my favorite form of note-taking and minimal futuretelling.

Design is the part of SEO.
Visual Design is the part of SEO/SMO.
UI/UX is the part of SEO strategy.
Brand is mixture of technologies, including smell.
SEO is Multifaced Beast.

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2018: secure / not secure

Google just announced that beginning in July 2018 web pages loaded without HTTPS will be marked as “not secure”.

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