13 Top SEO Tags Of 2013 (prediction)


Number 13 is unpleasant, but from SEO point of view every byte counts. In the Tarot the number 13 is symbolic of Change, Transition and Inevitability. Lets see what it brings to the world of SEO next year.

  • agile marketing
  • author rank
  • big data
  • content context is king
  • google equivalency score algorithm (esa)
  • google+
  • link disavow tool
  • multi-screen marketing assets
  • responsive web design
  • semantic mark-up
  • strategy
  • tag management
  • visual content

I personally often think of those poor -Top10 companies which left out of happy Top10. Are they really not good at all? Are their CEO, Marketing Dept, Products & Services not nice enough?

Why we couldn't create -Top10 Search Engine with unique algorithm sorting SERP in different manner? )

Is it really The Big Budget Tool is all you need to reach Top10? Or a small more friendly company with a really good service/products can overtake Big Mo monster?

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