5 Ways To Print HTML To PDF


If you like to print any HTML page to PDF, you can use:

1. Save As option built into your browser (results sometimes are not well depending on browser)

2. Adobe Acrobat Professional to print your URL to PDF-file (not good result, broken page layout)

3. PrintScreen (click PrintScreen button)
- open any image editor, online or off-line and save it in any image format you like
- open printscreened image with Adobe Acrobat Professional and save it as PDF

4. Online HTML To PDF converters:
PDF Online (free demo) - prints files, URL's
HTML2PDF (service demo) - adds banner

5. Standalone PDF-editing programs
- Webgrabber
- IntraPDF

Please, note that Image-To-PDF conversion doesn't allow further text editing. Use for that OCR-function built into Adobe Acrobat.

For editing try PDF-online editor.

Stim on 04-04-2011

There is also a good Html to Pdf conversion library - PD4ML, for different programming languages (C#, Java, PHP, Ruby).

html to pdf on 25-09-2009

that was some sort of good solution - there are some other good solutions available into the market but this sems to

be the best so far.. .

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