Blogging Tactics 2008


I guess we are all looking for something new into our SEO gallery of methods and tactics in trend of Web2.0. Also it seems everyone uses something unusual. Below are some SEO methods almost original for blogging 2008.

URL vs. Title: The URL of your post doesn't have to be the same as the title of your post. Creating a custom URL allows you to insert additional keywords which can benefit your post from a search engine perspective.

Interlinking of Top Posts / Hot Topics: To hard code keyword rich links to hot posts on your blog's side bar or in your footer that to get added attention from search bots and readers.

Re-Ignite Past Posts: Frequent updating popular topics content or adding parts to the original post.

Companies: Mention the company's full name or even their stock symbol.

Variety: Offering posts which vary in length, topics, format (lists vs. news vs. opinion vs. interviews), or content type (images vs. video. vs text).

Relationships with Bloggers: It is important to have relationships with other bloggers


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