Classifying User Generated Content


User Generated Content (UGС) is a very popular theme. All related aspects are very interesting: SEO - UGС, SMO - UGС, but question is hanging in the air - what classification rules we can use. Below are some proposals.

  • 1. Volume / Scale
  • 2. Publicness / Privacy
  • 3. Frequency
      How often content created?
  • 4. Reach
      Defines the size of the audience impacted by the UGC.
  • 5. Purpose
      a) Commercial - with the eventual objective of generating interest in selling a product or service;
      b) Social - intended to connect to other users for the purposes of establishing or fulfilling a relationship with them;
      c) Transformational - containing information or ideas intended to educate, inform or influence the readership.
  • 6. Validity
      a) The credibility of the content generator established through reputation, tone, qualifications, or depth of research
      b) The quality and accuracy of the content
      c) The appropriateness of the content to the audience that receives it, does it answer their needs?
  • 7. Medium
  • 8. Message
      How user generated message correlates to auditory from the point of Sociology. The Purpose is pragmatics. Message is semantics.
  • 9. Tone - negative, neutral, positive
  • 10. Cites - adopted quotations, references to the extraneous resources

As a SEO Freelancer I look forward to find anything promising of UGС metrics.

Game230 on 20-08-2014

User Generated Content is everywhere. And metrics is under development. Another aspect of USG - is trolling: intended and non-intended.

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