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Download Counter - one of the most requested functions for a SE Optimizer as for any web developer. If you use Google Analytics you can easily make download counter to track downloads of your MP3, PDF, JPG,.. All you need is to tag the link with the urchinTracker JavaScript.

Lets try to build download counter for sexy.mp3 file:

<a href="files/sexy.mp3" onClick="javascript: pageTracker._trackVisit ('/downloads/mp3'); ">Sexy<a>

You should see download stats for /downloads/mp3 in your reports within 24-48 hours.

baco on 25-04-2011

nice tip, thank you!

Lubabalo Tybosch on 05-03-2011

Great post, thanks. Is there a way to display the download counter on a web page for the site visitors to see?
SEO Freelancer: no. Try other solutions: JS, php,..

Bob on 04-12-2009

Do you have a working demo for this? Wanted to see how an example would work.

SEO Freelancer: Bob, to watch a demo you need a working Google Analytics account.

michael on 01-11-2009

Thanks =)

stretch on 17-07-2009


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