How Can I Promo My Music Better?


Let's imagine you have the super perfect music material. Indeed, such high quality material is produced by another 1 million producers. Now you ask: - How could I effectively promote my music better?

All your promotional tools are the same, including KPI and methods. You can be the top star at the promo, the one well known for everyone on the planet, but only .005% of that quantity will pay you a dime (maybe). You need to promote your music term after term, long enough to be the star.

You CAN’T promote your music long enough, as your stuff quickly becomes copied, pasted, etc. not unique. Also, the internet has the erasing quality: it erases instantly everything new. So, forget about the long-enough strategy.

Another news. Music itself is the short-term product, as fresh fish, and it has quality to be consumed in the short period of time, but consumers do not have time to consume music at all.

In order to effectively promote your music better - there is the answer: you need to find the unique 1/1.000.000 strategy to survive.