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Recently I've got iframe virus for almost all my sites. Even this site was attacked by so called iframe virus. Every morning during two weeks I was paralysed by the broken design of my and clients sites. A little stroke, kind of, [iframe] src=http://site width=xxx height=xxx style=visibility:hidden>[iframe] made me a madman.

My collegue told - Mac is based on FreeBSD - go with Mac, no viruses at all - man, iMac is the way to go.

Then I asked SEO-people: who, guys, use Mac for SE0? Some answered: me. But the voice was tiny and unimpressible. And he said: all software for SEO come from Win.

Iframe virus, as I found out, steals login/passwords of ftp-clients in real-time, no matter what ftp-clients software you use: CuteFTP, FileZilla, FAR, etc. Thing is - passwords sneak during typing process.
Do we need anti-virus megabomb software?

The googling answered: use latest anti-virus software, change ftp-passwords, call hosters.

Anti-virus software I have been used (in the sequence of using):
- NOD32 (from the beginning, the elegant form of doing nothing, but Open Source. A good program)
- Avira (Free)
- KIS2010 (Trial, cleaned 30+ viruses)
- Ad-Aware (+2)
- AVG Anti-Virus (don't remember)
- Avast (Free, found the 2 Troyans into RAR-pack!)
- ThreatFire Free.

On fifth day of fighting, I cleaned Temporary Internet Files and renamed all index files.


1. Renaming is a good 'stupid' weapon against the iframe monster.
2. Change your PC to Mac or to Hackintosh at least.
3. Keep your passports away of ftp-clients.
* My renome didn't change as my sites were infected as well as USA Today, Wal-Mart, ZD Net, etc.

SEO Freelancer on 31-08-2009

Simply remove the iframe from all root pages ( Index, main default) from all folders and root files.. even from cpanel files ( no matter what extension). change the password of cpanel and ftp . upload again... mail to google .. you are done.

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