Minimum Number of Pages


Are there Minimum Number of Pages required for decent organic rankings?

The question implies Simplicity, Strategy, Tactics, User Experience, Links Environment, Site Age, Site Value, Site History Track and more nuances.

Let us remember that:
1) web sites are made for humans, not for bots, spiders, crawlers, nor any robot (Rule #1 by Google)
2) the least of pages is greatly depends on quality of the information it keeps
3) quality of content defines the weight of efforts for transportation.

One page is the minimorum Number of Pages. We can create a single page with just one image containing, for example, map of the city or metro scheme, DIY project for nuclear bomb scheme unique UFO pathetique message to the whole humans - any image delivers socialy important information. People will twitter it, facebook it and eventually we will got a hot page in internet community.

Oh, wait! We could invite daddies such as Adobe, Microsoft, Sun, Time Warner to make backlinks to our poor single page - and eventually we will got top rated page.

But what about quality of content?

That seems our topic (Minimum Number of Pages required) aided towards minimum linking structure, and rather behaves to the esoteric question of SEO Alchemists - is there a minimum structure of links to achieve high SEPR? That question goes directly to Google Patent and we can suppose that Minimum Number of Pages exists! But, in every individual case with its ethics, informative structure, environment, hidden and potential audience, with its positive voice and message.

It seems to me Minimal Number of Pages does exist. But extremely hard to make such simple valuable page especially for the +100k persons.

Indeed, that should be a monstrous agregator of something. Say, 'Be Millioner With SEO In One Day' kind of practice :)

With growing importance of Facebook & Twitter, quality of content becomes The King and one page transport - is the chariot of his majesty.

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