SEO friendly countries


Finnish government approach to quality web sites touches all e-infostructure of Finland society. Nokia is a part of that. Interestingly, you can order your IKEA setup by web also. This is a real steps towards Global Electronic Government.

Who else: Canada, Denmark, EU, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, U.S., UK, Sweden.

So, we proudly call them a SEO-friendly countries.

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Reverse Graffiti Of SEO


In real infoworld SEO is like reverse graffiti, where art tools are cleaning materials. SEO is like form of Art that removes dust or dirt rather than adding paints. Same as talented hands of (Scott Wade or Moose), good SEO is not the noise, but sooner the figurativism which adds sense, logics and beauty to the outward nonperfect world.

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Chrome Spy 3


My decision was to reinstall old FF version over new. I made it. And - yes, that worked!

Fun time

And after that FF losts my login to Google Analytics. Probably it is a chance?


Today morning Firefox got self-updated to version 3.03 and nightmare had finished.

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Google Loves SEO


New nice tool by Google for SEO Society and internet marketers named Insights similar to Google Trends.

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