Acid Bath For Bad Browsers


Acid3 Browser Test is the third in a series of test pages written to help browser vendors ensure correct support for web standards in browsers. Try Acid Test in action for your browser!

My FF2 made 53/100, IE7 - quite broke a picture and renounced to be poured Acid. However ashamed a famous browser is!

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Forums vs Blogs


QualityGal at Jim Boykin Blog says 'there is still value for forum as community in certain instances.' But I think there are no some instances as forum is community - public building, but blog is like hut for a single loneliness - lone person - pls, notice: not a pair or three of ones. Proud community of oneself.

  • 1. Forum is a multiuser thing from the beginning. Blog is for the individual.
         * Can you name any three multiuser blog scripts, besides WordPress MU?
  • 2. Blog is personal diary - for a person. Forum is social diary.
  • 3. Forum has very easy, readable UI - anyone can easy find interested topic and get input for discussion. Blog launches article and then subsequent comments.

I love forums, as well blogs. At forums you speak loud. At blogs you speak low, almost wisper to the ear.

Blogs are whispering community. Forums are Coliseums.

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Bug and Dragon


If you are even not a fan of Opera or in case Opera is your magic powerhorse, you might be interested to know Opera alfa-released its own Developer Tools called Opera Dragonfly, which allows debug JavaScript, inspect CSS, DOM, and view any errors.

I don't know what the most popular browser SEO Freelancers use, but Firefox maniacs (as me) love SEO Firefox plugins, especially beloved Firebug - a Firefox important Web Developers Add-on (created by Joe Hewitt in 2006), which is now free and open source, and available for IE, Opera and Safari.

Sooth to say, I never heard of any Web Developer with Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar. But you?

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Future Of SEO


In fact I very like your, Jennifer, article and surprised why nobody did it before, including me 8)
In spite of your irony on my comment, I will continue.

SEO will be the Huge Industry within Search Engine's politics forever without doubt.
SEO specialists will deliver to SE' developers human mistakes / bugs.
Nobody wants to be lost.
A huge companies (++150 employees) will seek for SEO teams which could deliver Top results.
Also we wait for RSS-specialists, which could publish RSS-streams fast and effectively.
SMO-guys wait for a special tactics similar to bulk-posting for Social communities.
Including rising of Visual Recognising SEs, we can wait for picture/image optimizers. Media optimizing - is the future of SEO specialist.
Mobile community wait for SEO specialists of mobile search optimization. XHTML isn't enough for mobile sites. Including Mobile Social Networking rise we can wait for a special mobile social network promoters in very close future.
But also Semantic Web is a new aspect of SEO freeelancers knowledge. Anyhow.

SEO freelancers are the specialists of the future. A competition in search will do SEO-specialists bigger, smarter, taller of all even programmers, that is why it is unimportant how web site built: Perl, PHP, Ruby, XSL, LAMP - how cool software is - the question - what position it has.

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