Type-in traffic


Type-in traffic or Direct Navigation traffic is a traffic generated by a person either typing an URL directly in the browser address bar or going to a site directly from a bookmark (usual, not social). Type-in traffic keeps 10-20% of total web traffic.

Advertisers count type-in traffic as the very best quality traffic there is. Of course, type-in visitors have had desire regarding your offering, they instinctively, as flying southward birds, type in their intention directly into browser. They are motivated to reach their aim, but you know exactly what they are seeking for. When they type automatically, they think of your site!

So to generate type-in traffic you need to buy domains with a cool simple names, kind of fish.com, red.com, girls.org, tobto.org,... Do you think you can find them? Who knows.

But how to find exact figures of your direct navigation traffic in your site statistical report? They go as 'no referer'. Unfortunately Google Analytics doesn't track sources without referer and does not give any details on it.

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Secret Life Of Dashes


Do you know what is dash? Yes, this is such a little thing kind of lying stick "-" which are inserted between words, letters or numbers. But do you know what the difference between hyphen, em dash, en dash, figure dash, swung dash? Probably no.

In fact that difference very much important for HTML E-mail's, as computer keyboards lack separate keys to display all dashes, we go to semantic web and have tons of uncompatible email clients, OS', software. If you are to design HTML E-mail template will be ready to understand that.

For HTML E-mail template in general we use – for – and — for —.The en dash is half of the em dash.

The hyphen (‐) is used to join words and to separate syllables. But strictly speaking, the hyphen is not a dash.

The figure dash (‒) is so named because it is the same width as a digit and is used within numbers: 867‒53‒09. We use in coding ‒ or ‒.

The en dash, (–) (PC: Alt + 0150) is roughly the width of the letter n. It is almost half of em dash. We use en dash in closed ranges: 3–5.

The em dash (—) (PC: Alt + 0151) is the sign of punctuation which is significantly longer than the hyphen. We use the em dash to create a strong break between a sentences.

The swung dash (~) resembles a lengthened tilde, and is used to separate alternatives.

But what about hyphen-minus, tilde, underscore, macron, soft hyphen, hyphen bullet, minus sign, wave dash, Armenian hyphen, Japanese choon, other beautiful dashes? Don't forget about them, designing your next HTML E-mail template.

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Blogging Tactics 2008


I guess we are all looking for something new into our SEO gallery of methods and tactics in trend of Web2.0. Also it seems everyone uses something unusual. Below are some SEO methods almost original for blogging 2008.

URL vs. Title: The URL of your post doesn't have to be the same as the title of your post. Creating a custom URL allows you to insert additional keywords which can benefit your post from a search engine perspective.

Interlinking of Top Posts / Hot Topics: To hard code keyword rich links to hot posts on your blog's side bar or in your footer that to get added attention from search bots and readers.

Re-Ignite Past Posts: Frequent updating popular topics content or adding parts to the original post.

Companies: Mention the company's full name or even their stock symbol.

Variety: Offering posts which vary in length, topics, format (lists vs. news vs. opinion vs. interviews), or content type (images vs. video. vs text).

Relationships with Bloggers: It is important to have relationships with other bloggers


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SEO Freelancer Trends For 2008


Personally I don't see a lot of nice possibilities around Freelance Search Engine Optimization for 2008. For the Rat it will be a hard job to digg niches in the corn-bins of Web2.0. Especially those ones with a high Page Ranks and top social bookmarking scores.

From technical point we will do more AJAX and RSS (ads and images) optimization, besides everlasting optimization of CSS/XHTML for always green browsers. At last we will meet optimization for Mobiles, or at least for mobile sites.

From SEO guru's point of view in everyday Search Engine Optimization practice SEO Freelancer will meet next:
That means more attention to Knols by Google, Hakia, Powerset, Twine, Freebase, AdaptiveBlue, Snap, and others.
2. Mobile videoconferencing boost.
Mobile video optimization? 3. Internet currencies warm up.
That's simply fine.
4. In order to stay competitive, brands will try to understand, identify, and respond to their users_ specific needs by employing social media tools and user-generated content (UGC).
More attention to USG sites.
5. The political activism in the blogosphere will become truly active. Is your client a politician?
6. Intimacy and usefulness will be valued more, forming affinity groups and niches.
More attention to affinity groups.
7. The companies that will not use social media tools to make the voice of their customers heard will lose in front of competition.
Achtung! Watch social media tools!
8. Personal interest will reshape the web surfing patterns, reducing the frequency of site-to-site hopping conduit, dominant so far.
Will see.
9. More mature population will join to social networks.
Can you enlarge font-size?
10. The major corporations will replace the outdated intranet systems and will build better communication with employees by making use of social media on customizable, scalable and feature-rich platforms.
SEO for intranet?
11. Mobile social media (MSM) will become a bigger player on the market, following ever growing demands.
MSM Optimization?
12. OpenID and companies like ClaimID will have a much stronger impact.
Watch your reputation!

Tags to watch:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Online Reputation Management (ORM), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Bookmarking Statistics (SBS), User-Generated Content (UGC)

There are other top 2008 trends for Koreans: Korean SEO freelance services have to watch next tags, which will be ours in 2010 ;)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet-Protocol TV (IPTV), Mobile Internet or Mobile WiMax (WiBro), Organic Light-Emitting Diode TV (OLED TV), Transport Protocol Expert Group Navigation, TPEG Navigation

Anyway, SEO Freelancing in 2008 will have success.

Are you optimizer?

Based on stories by Rod Amis, John Battelle, Richard MacManus, Eric B.

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