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For a surfer personalized search is a good idea: more you search - more relevant data you get. Cookies with your search history give to SE a lot of material to work with. I noticed this future last year. At home you have one result from Google (say, 5th SERP), go to other place - another result (SERP 15, for example). For those who love stability in results, use personalised search, or even on social manner Eurekster. You can work at your job and obtain relevant results every day more and more better. Perhaps, for a job thats great, but for SEO Freelancer - is simply nightmare and headache, as all you need is to know Search Engine Keyword Position! How can you determine REAL life keyword position in SE?

Personally me use anonimizers (HTTP and HTTPS anonymous proxies). They give me a fine result everywhere.

And then, your 'personalized search cookies' Google puts into your comp almost anonymously, without your sanction. Though, you can turn cookies off anytime.

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Do I Have Antenna On My Head, Mom?


Personalized search makes freelancing job a little bit abstract.

The first signal is 'Home Page Services' such as Netvibes, Pageflakes.

People like to get info fast and personalized, that means 'my weather', 'my mood', 'me and my own town.'

If your homepage based on big tendencies your little life can be decentralized, as database belongs not to you, but your dear Highness of Database of someone.

The Global companies build the great Beehive for a little bees of us. Google builds the most large net of fiber. Mycros takes care of to make Fista a next big thing.

Sooth to say, what a SEO Freelancing can propose for a client? if all content belongs to ppl, but virtualy to Big Guys - to the Beehive.

When all your possibilities for communication will belong to a couple of big guys, students can write in letters 'I go home'. How you, as SEO Freelancer, can promote your client in between of myspaces not to be logined?

You should operate from within. To be a member of social activity, of Beehive. So any your action as marketer can be finished inside of any social networking. Cause of their pseudo rules and virtual handmade nature.

Do I have antenna on my head, mom?

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