2019 SEO / Web Design Trends


My field notes are my favorite form of note-taking and minimalistic futuretelling.

Design is the part of SEO.
Visual Design is the part of SEO/SMO.
UI/UX is the part of SEO strategy.
Brand is mixture of technologies, including smell.
SEO is Multifaced Beast.

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2018: secure / not secure

Google just announced that beginning in July 2018 web pages loaded without HTTPS will be marked as “not secure”.

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Top SEO Secret Of 2016

Top SEO Secret 2016 by @tobto

Top SEO Secret Of 2016: No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google

While Year 2016 is rolling down slowly to the its end, I started to learn a new list of 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards Nominees - how they sound. I found very interesting to see a new producers, artists, bands of all genres and - the most interesting: the tech awards nominees. A top producers are Top Inventors - they create a new sounds, effects, workflows, shows in parallel with its designers and marketers. They generate aт avalanche of new ideas, which alive the Music revolution and

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HTTP/2: no SEO needs


HTTP/2 is the next big version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, marking the largest change since 1999. One notable change is that HTTP requests will be cheaper to make.

The Web community has often told developers to avoid adding too many HTTP requests to their pages, which lead to SEO optimization techniques to reduce the requests. With HTTP/2, a new multiplexing feature allows lots of requests to be delivered at the same time, so the page load isn’t blocked. That means web is getting faster.

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