Google In Errors


Each SEO Freelancer should validate Google even once in the life simply for pleasure and fun.


Nov. 07, 2014
28 Errors, 4 warning(s) HTML5.

Mar. 03, 2007
Failed validation, 70 errors XHTML Strict.

Important note: if you can do megabucks with one clean webpage containing tons of HTML-errors - you can forget about code validation.

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Classifying User Generated Content


User Generated Content (UGС) is a very popular theme. All related aspects are very interesting: SEO - UGС, SMO - UGС, but question is hanging in the air - what classification rules we can use. Below are some proposals.

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Optimize your social activity


Optimize your social activity today. Your social activity needs optimization just because your whole efforts can't be effective in one direction without system overview.

Below are great tips for everyday social practice. Do you know that men read better blogs at night?

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Minimum Number of Pages


Are there Minimum Number of Pages required for decent organic rankings?

The question implies Simplicity, Strategy, Tactics, User Experience, Links Environment, Site Age, Site Value, Site History Track and more nuances.

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