HTTP/2: no SEO needs


HTTP/2 is the next big version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, marking the largest change since 1999. One notable change is that HTTP requests will be cheaper to make.

The Web community has often told developers to avoid adding too many HTTP requests to their pages, which lead to SEO optimization techniques to reduce the requests. With HTTP/2, a new multiplexing feature allows lots of requests to be delivered at the same time, so the page load isn’t blocked. That means web is getting faster.

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60 Content Predictions for 2015


The long read for 2015 year of Content Marketing.

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Google In Errors


Each SEO Freelancer should validate Google even once in the life simply for pleasure and fun.


Nov. 07, 2014
28 Errors, 4 warning(s) HTML5.

Mar. 03, 2007
Failed validation, 70 errors XHTML Strict.

Important note: if you can do megabucks with one clean webpage containing tons of HTML-errors - you can forget about code validation.

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Classifying User Generated Content


User Generated Content (UGС) is a very popular theme. All related aspects are very interesting: SEO - UGС, SMO - UGС, but question is hanging in the air - what classification rules we can use. Below are some proposals.

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