Optimize your social activity


Optimize your social activity today. Your social activity needs optimization just because your whole efforts can't be effective in one direction without system overview.

Below are great tips for everyday social practice. Do you know that men read better blogs at night?

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Minimum Number of Pages


Are there Minimum Number of Pages required for decent organic rankings?

The question implies Simplicity, Strategy, Tactics, User Experience, Links Environment, Site Age, Site Value, Site History Track and more nuances.

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High bounce rate: what to check


What Is Bounce Rate? Bounce rate maybe a bad thing when visitor came to your site and leave it in 5sec. From other point - bounce rate is good as metrics of the quality of your web traffic and quality of your content.

  • browser compatibility
  • site structure/UI
  • - color scheme
  • - site navigation
  • site/page speed
  • content
  • - is landing page theme/title correct
  • - simple readable flow
  • - show related posts/articles
  • - delete annoying ads
  • - add crosslinking between materials
  • - add links/menu on error pages
  • - add video/podcasts
  • - add f.a.q., pool,..
  • - add infografics.

So, what is the secret of right bounce rate?

Keep your visitors engaged as long as possible.

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Link to source page or link to site?


Indeed, how to make correct source links: to the page or even to paragraph, OR to the site or homepage?

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