Morality and SEO


My question is - when morality crosses SEO? Is there the crosspoint and is there one at all?

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Style as SEO method



Lets describe a definition of Style. Style is a consensus of "be here" and "watch me".
From linguistics we know how communication works: semantics, pragmatics, didactics. What is a sender and where is a recipient from (thank you, Bart!)?

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Instant media or evolution of SEO


I would say 'instant' as it relates to a fast delivering of your choice. Meant 'immediate', 'reliable', 'in a moment'.

In ages media such as handwritten papers were delivered during a weeks, months by ships, horses, birds )) Now we have a situation when every and all media will be delivered instantly.

That means creation of music, events, business possibilities - becomes the factor of the instant realisation. What SEO will do if changes go so fast if nobody can even tell what is up now? Mom!!!

Nicely tuned web resource - is the answer. Fast responded (<<50ms), niche oriented, keywords optimized, correct XHTML/CSS/RSS - that is it - in-site SEO.

As always we tell in SEO - what is a site' purpose, where we are go, what we deliver, what we do, who is a boy who will ask 'how much?!', what's a topic of that project, maybe I leave that biz?

So, instant incredible fast media delivering ship - is a FAST SITE.

Please, correct me if you will.

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Real ad

Real ad now is like real ad now.

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