Top 2010 SEO tendencies to watch


A fast web brings us term Real Time Web, which means immediate (automatic) response to changes. What does that mean for SEO? Real time response begins to use analytical software for decision making.

Therefore Google recommends to build a fast sites and faster sites will be ranged higher then slow ones (+10s), as more and more people use mobiles for communication and soon for mobile payments.

The most interesting thing now that the human losts control and communication process starts to pulse in automode. So Real Time SEO - the next big thing - will be in real time as ancient music had been (sorry, Chopin).

  • 1. Real Time Web, Agility
  • 2. Geolocation
  • 3. HTML5/CSS3
  • 4. Mobile Transactions / payments
  • 5. Android / Chrome OS on stage
  • 6. Agile developing process everywhere
  • 7. Analytics for decision making
  • 8. Microblogging

And something for fun. Do you know what keyword has about 300 million mentions in Google search?
'Stop Google'.

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Synonymized Originality


Synonyms are words with similar meanings. They can greately enhance your literary language as you can express unnoticeable nuances as the great masters of world literature do.

A hard-to-find synonyms are your colors and the best way to find them is to use online synonym finder or at least your old trusted school dictionary of synonyms, for example, by The Random House. In case you are a busy copywriter or SEO Freelance copywriter you can try online synonimizers:

But can you make Google to believ a stolen synonymized thought is original one? I don't think so. Google believes main components of a quality website: relevant and original content. So, sharpen your literary capabilities to write perfect unique content that can't be found anywhere else.

And check periodically its unicity with something like

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SEO Of Google Cemetery

No, don't tell that

We all know how to live in a respected and prosperous way. Sometimes, we have an illusion that our living will continues forever. But, well. Life is short.

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Iframe attacks


Recently I've got iframe virus for almost all my sites. Even this site was attacked by so called iframe virus. Every morning during two weeks I was paralysed by the broken design of my and clients sites. A little stroke, kind of, [iframe] src=http://site width=xxx height=xxx style=visibility:hidden>[iframe] made me a madman.

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