Realtime SEO. Or Age Of RealTime


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Interesting question - what is SEO in realtime world (apps)? Say, SEO for Twitter and soon for Google Wave?

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Will you bing?


As Search Engine from Microsoft Bing (mobile Bing) now officially was launched, SEO Freelancer can try new engine for search optimization and basic webmasters tasks. Visit Bing Webmaster Center and add your new site. As you can see all your sites, if you had account before, well carried from MSN account into Bing.

Time will show how are Backlinks, Outbound Links, Keywords and other tools work, what quality searching algorithm is. For about me I would love to meet in Bing an Other Search Monster, not a pale copy of Yahoo nor Google nor Wolfram|Alpha - Other - different and distinct. But for now Bing the name is going to become a verb, to change 'google it' with 'bing it'. Will you bing?

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Top 10 Twitter SEO Tips


Twitter is your own media publicity channel.

  • #1 have a taste and publish your vision
  • #2 never link to your own resources
  • #3 be The Author
  • #4 keep it short and smart
  • #5 have a fresh eye and respected voice
  • #6 the regularity of your 'show' is the key
  • #7 aspect of your 'show' is a vision
  • #8 broad your vision with a colleagues due to Twitter search option
  • #9 invite your friends / friendly parties for collaboration
  • #10 twitter your any social moves

* Install TwitterCounter
** Watch dynamics

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Sister of hum or grandma of SEO


Sometimes glory of SEO-practice goes ahead of music. Songs sang by your client. The client sings: when and how my results will be shown, described, delivered, when I can touch anything, when and how you can picture the results?

I say, - there is a hum. Infohum, which makes your web site down, taken in by competitors, unnoticeable. And we need here just Top10 results. Correct?

Infohum is the noise produced by noncorrect html-coding, terrible UI (User Interface), awful backlinking, bad reputation, etc, eventually.

To deliver the result I need to reprocess all web site, to find correct semantics area, to try to find the new tune for the whole site.

And I ask my client: do you know Search Engines are seeking for a changes, for a words, lexicon, areas of participation, social activities, sex, age, level of education, syntaxis and semantics of content? And at last - search engines watching for all changes are made. They are smart now. (We go for Semantical Web, Sir).

Reputation - is all. Infohum is the noise caused by a number of participants of creation of site - present or unpresent ones. Your message to the world should be clear, fast, emotional and balanced.

  • Clear - is the code
  • Fast - is the programming
  • Emotional - is marketing
  • Balanced - is the whole

Sister of hum tries to make shine beautiful designs (aka Social Porn Web 2.0), which 40% of users won't see. Grandma of SEO plays low tunes. Correct info for musical people are delivered correctly.

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