Raffaello is twittering


In fact I like twitter. You are here, you are there. Probably the world got craizy from emptiness and will to go social. Yes. We started from a simple desire to hear whispering of lovely person into ear, saying 'you are not alone, I'm here...'. Probably we didn't realised communication distances us from each other.

In early days we sent handwritten papers, messages were faxed, blogged, rssed, called by ground phones, letters flied during a weeks, parcels were transfered during the months by planes. Now we are close to each other then ever before. Communication distances us.

Sooner or later our blood pressure will translates to our relatives and their heart pulses will be sent back to our mobiles that we knew - we close to each other.

Sending the appearance is like tale finish. Or the preface. What Italian Raffaello Sanzio could twitter you during painting of Sistine Madonna?

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Canonical duplication

Everyone says nowadays of a new canonical tag, introduced by Google, MSN, Yahoo at SMX West. Matt Cuts describes its strength and drawbacks. I won't be a canonical duplicator, so, please, google and read. Probably start from here.

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SEO Trends 2009


In matters of religion, most persons prefer chewing the menu to actually eating the food!
An old Zen saying

Although fortunetelling is not thankful employment (see trends for SEO 2008), I will speak out some thoughts in relation to the noticed tendencies of SEO on year 2009.

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What I learned in 2008


The 2008 almost finished. And that is a good news. During that really hot year I have met a lot of nice interesting guys, business's on the edge, was able to work for great internet startup companies.

First one was U.S. based MVNO, where I was able to learn

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