Realtime SEO. Or Age Of RealTime


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Interesting question - what is SEO in realtime world (apps)? Say, SEO for Twitter and soon for Google Wave?

Nobody can answer. Delivering original content must become the essence of any site. With accent on "fast" and "delivering". How fast?

1 hour

During one hour I had being asking for linguistics to dear YouTube. (Did I youtube?) There are tons of pop bands. I like them! Just Noam Chomsky said of globalisation. You know about that?

30 min

Do you know, as a SEO Freelancer, of symantics, pragmatics, syntactics, didactics? Try, please.

3 sec

Lets try to understand: we have now the world prepared to jump into pulse of instantaneous money calculations. You say 'yes', customers say 'no'. I can't even imagine how business will be changed in order to change a sale politics.

Now IBM investing $100 million in mobile research. The company plans to focus its research on three key areas: mobile enterprise enablement, emerging market mobility, and enterprise to end-user mobile experience.

Realtime SEO - is where you are go to.

Realtime makes you slow. Boy.

animation studio india on 11-07-2009

I visit your website frequently and its very good , I am not a expert webmaster but i like your blog as its very simple and understandable.. please keep it up , 10/10 marks...

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