SEO Of Google Cemetery

No, don't tell that

We all know how to live in a respected and prosperous way. Sometimes, we have an illusion that our living will continues forever. But, well. Life is short.

Everyone does know - life is short and there is the absolutely fixed date when you, o mama, me (ok) will say 'bye' to that beautiful and sometimes not - so nice convenient material world.

Cloud computing is great: our living facts, photos of our dears, our breathing, kids, family albums, images of relatives we miss, love, the respects, music that eternal music, melodies will become The Background Facts of our history.

Cloud computing now says - give me your data, please. You leave them your name, birthday date, mobiles, cards codes, the best pictures of yourself, your beautiful wife home video, your emotional ups and downs, pathetic movements - to The Big Emptiness - abstract Memory of Google.

Where to my children have go in 50 years to ask: - was my Dad good or not, what he had doing?

Google is to become the Biggest Cemetery of Humankind. So, what about tickets for visiting?

* I suppose that we skipped an enormous Giant Cemetery was taken away by Google. That is why I guess in 10+ years Google will ask:
- Dude, can you give me, please, 10 bucks to allow you to visit your grandies memo?
(with iron voice of robot): "The subject you seek for is unavailable. Please, contact later.

** The facts. We are the first Google generation - 2000-2010.

*** And then. What is SEO for Google Cemetery? Do you want your relatives were found??

**** Oh, no. I didn't want to stop your beer party!

SEO on 24-11-2009

Google is to collect the enourmous info about me and you.

Singapore SEO Services on 17-09-2009

Google cemetery?

Perhaps Stephen King should write Google Sematary as sequel to Pet Sematary.

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