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In matters of religion, most persons prefer chewing the menu to actually eating the food!
An old Zen saying

Although fortunetelling is not thankful employment (see trends for SEO 2008), I will speak out some thoughts in relation to the noticed tendencies of SEO on year 2009.

1. Unique content rules.
2. Socialisation is must-have for any party.
3. Due to world financial crisis many companies are forced to decrease expenses on advertising and accordingly - on SEO. Many trendy internet startups are forced to be closed of nonfinancing.
4. Googlised approach to a web development.
5. A prepared user-generated content (UGC) is a Top Force.
5. Web 2.0 isn't trend anymore since almost all new sites support Web 2.0 paradigm (Ajax, Rails).
6. Organic methods of optimization become more acute, non-direct and mediated.
7. Increased noise level.
8. Attention to microblogging (Twitter).
9. Mobile social networkings visit SEO ground.
10. Arised SEO approach to mobile design.
11. Online reputation is more important than quality inbound links.
12. Youtube and similars as SEO engine.
13. UGC mobile photos, niche music as partisan / virus marketing.
15. SEO becomes more psychological.

Please, also read interview with Eric Schmidt.

* Besides I guess you know of linkbuilding, h1, rssing, social bookmarks submitting, dofollow, rel, place of your next-turn-bar-beer-seo-meeting
** It looks like I didn't tell anything of new ways to build strong backlins to your site?
*** Delivering is more important than tools to

Kim on 15-04-2009

Slow down really sucks man and its hurting the internet marketing too, may be 2009 brings some luck

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