Sister of hum or grandma of SEO


Sometimes glory of SEO-practice goes ahead of music. Songs sang by your client. The client sings: when and how my results will be shown, described, delivered, when I can touch anything, when and how you can picture the results?

I say, - there is a hum. Infohum, which makes your web site down, taken in by competitors, unnoticeable. And we need here just Top10 results. Correct?

Infohum is the noise produced by noncorrect html-coding, terrible UI (User Interface), awful backlinking, bad reputation, etc, eventually.

To deliver the result I need to reprocess all web site, to find correct semantics area, to try to find the new tune for the whole site.

And I ask my client: do you know Search Engines are seeking for a changes, for a words, lexicon, areas of participation, social activities, sex, age, level of education, syntaxis and semantics of content? And at last - search engines watching for all changes are made. They are smart now. (We go for Semantical Web, Sir).

Reputation - is all. Infohum is the noise caused by a number of participants of creation of site - present or unpresent ones. Your message to the world should be clear, fast, emotional and balanced.

  • Clear - is the code
  • Fast - is the programming
  • Emotional - is marketing
  • Balanced - is the whole

Sister of hum tries to make shine beautiful designs (aka Social Porn Web 2.0), which 40% of users won't see. Grandma of SEO plays low tunes. Correct info for musical people are delivered correctly.

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