Style as SEO method



Lets describe a definition of Style. Style is a consensus of "be here" and "watch me".
From linguistics we know how communication works: semantics, pragmatics, didactics. What is a sender and where is a recipient from (thank you, Bart!)?

About SEO?

Social - is where you are. Any company is to be shown on the web at Top10.
Sociality is an aspect of "to be now and here". Style - is of your definition. What is it a style? Style, in my modest understanding, - is a hic et nunc folio. Style is a tool of impression, is a transport of your image delivering.

Next turn

The style is a large disappointment for a big companies as they create nice logos, create web2 colors oriented design, and think - the task is over. Style is ME.

Perfect style is:

  • social oriented design
  • large base of users
  • clear functional ui

Sensibility of your web site - is another problem.

* Music is auditorium.

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