Tips On Creating a HQ Art Portfolio


Art portfolio is the set of your best works, which represent you as Artist and Person. It can be Analog (paper photographs, printed matters, slides) or Digital (website gallery, social media), or both.

Your portfolio represents You and Style of your artworks, therefore it contains:

  1. High quality images of your works
  2. Art Bio
  3. Contacts.

The basic formula of your portfolio is

High Quality x Style x Creativity

Take the best possible photos using best scenes and options. Represent yourself in creative motion via years of continuous development in storytelling format. Find unique and original graphic design patterns for your portfolio.

Any viewer of your Art Portfolio should sense your Art visually and tactilly. And even feel that beautiful smell of your Art, as expensive Parfumes. Use all physical senses and technical possibilities (3D, VR, AR, Multidimensional Sound) in presentation.

Make your portfolio as the Art. Be free and original in your story of great Artist.

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