What I learned in 2008


The 2008 almost finished. And that is a good news. During that really hot year I have met a lot of nice interesting guys, business's on the edge, was able to work for great internet startup companies.

First one was U.S. based MVNO, where I was able to learn new technology for me (especially for SEO) - SVN. That was strange: I need quickly to change just one word, even one letter and what I do? I do all needed changes, commit it and merge it into some version of the website. Next I wait for WEEKS when my changes become alive - published online. Isn't it a strange way for Search Engine engineer to work fast? Man, that was terrible, almost UNREALLY slow.

Before that I worked for a small companies and my experience was limited to a single XHTML pages, CMS, LAMP, simple procedures to optimize code or content. But in the real world of programming with monstrous servers, traffics, administrators, marketing dep, JAVA/JS/AJAX-gurus, Linux, mobile technology, millions of customers there is no input for any mistake. Therefore we have the overloaded machine which just about will stop from weight of its engine. That MVNO did so - startup was closed for financing.

And I think the reason of that - not the world financial crisis.

But I obtained sweet experience to be part of the team. Even slow one.

Then I was invited to work for another startup which was based on shine idea of its founder of using maps. And again: SVN, repositories, plans, tests,.. Then another super startup, another mega startup,..

Well. Now I work for the fourth startup of this year and own to say: bosses of great startups have no idea what SEO is and HOW SEO would decrease expenses on marketing and promotion in times. In the closed societies of fashionable startups based on Ruby on Rails, Python, Java, exaggerated staff of programmers the cycle of optimizing is very long.

Meanwhile thats cool to be part of fast-changing Web 2.0 world, learn svn, git, ror, teaming.

What I have learned in 2008? The history made by a single HTML page. Preferably optimised.

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good experience, have you other experience about seo. share?

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