TOBTO: identity design boutique


- an Ukrainian word тобто means "i.e.", an abbreviation of "id est" or “it is”, "that is", "in other words", "that is to say"
- i.e. is used to explain, clarify or rephrase a statement
- it is used in every language on the Earth to represent something to come next in the story.

With todays overwhelming pace every company and firm becomes a mini media agency, which works and reacts as newspaper or media agency of the last century.

We can help you to keep your Content Management work, SEO/SMM/PPC ahead of your competitors as the Content Management provider. We can be your next hour SEO Freelancer, PDF Editor or Graphic Designer.

Minimalist Identity Services

  • Content management: CMS, SMM, RSS
  • Organic SEO Specialist
  • Branding Graphic Designer
  • Website visual design, redesign
  • Store Front graphic design, visualization
  • Print Magazine concept design
  • Posters, Covers, Ads

Organic SEO services

Organic Search Engine Optimization - is the white technique of web promotion, which based on long-term strategy. In comparison with a short-term SEO, as context advertisement (PPC), which delivers high SEPR results instantly via Paid Ads, the long-term Organic SEO works on continuous distance of reputaion build.

  • First time launch SEO:
    • pre-design consulting
    • niche semantics, keywords/code optimization
    • Google Analytics installation
    • backlinks generation
  • Existing websites
    • organic SEO: long term support
    • website load time speedup (including WP)
    • on-site / off-site website optimization
    • search terms niche analysis
    • niche competitors analysis
    • content / UI optimization
    • content management (SMM).

    Tobto LLC is registered and located in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine. I love unique & custom, fast, intuitive & simple. I prefer to work with a clients, which ask for a high quality fast responsive site, SEO + Social Media package (registrations in Facebook, Twitter,..).

    Please, send your orders or any enquiries you may have to this email: