What is a luxury minimalist logo?


Well, as the graphic designer who loves to develop such a 'luxury minimalist’ logos, I can tell that the name of a such logos comes out from the study of the trends, the theme, line of competitors and the time spent into that study.

If you meant Minimalism as the Art movement - we find it in the Swiss design, Germany or Italy. That is combination of stingy simple elementary lines, proportions that originally carve out the name or hint at the metaphor. Mainly that concept goes to gestalt psychology and human perception in Europe, but also has deep connotations in Japan Art.

Luxury Minimalist Logotype 1

“Luxury” relates to the impression it gives. A good 'luxury minimalist logo’ should be light, simple, elegant, remarkable, noticeable and not primitive. A designer cares about these sides and prepares proposals.

With advance of image generation software any kid today can invent thousands of 'luxury minimalist logos’ in 5 min. The question is to create memorable and authentic image.

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