The best program for logo design and why


Absolutely - Adobe Illustrator, because it has primitives, as line / oval / ring / etc., it has a simple functions aka effects, which can give you an unpredictable interesting turn.

What makes AI the winner in comparison with, CorelDraw, for example, is the long development history. From the beginning (1987) AI was the best and the only choice of Pro designers. The software was available just for Mac and has for years reputation of top program for graphic creation in Quality & Stability. Therefore, millions of designers trust Illustrator for correct colors, lines, dimensions. AI doesn’t lie. That is the standard of graphic world in Print/Constructing/Industrial Design.

From another hand AI isn’t so easy to learn. But you can use any software on the market for sketching, automatic logo generators, online logo services, mobile apps. You can generate 100+ prototypes of your logotype easily anywhere, but for the final step - which asks for accuracy and preciseness - you do go to Illustrator. Why?

Because process of logotype creation mainly consists of prototyping and nuancing. To make a logotype interesting, unusual, fresh, unique, looking pricey - a designer needs to have a trusted tool: 1px up there, .01pt line here, CMYK palette here. AI delivers that.

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