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We are welcome a new Google ranking algorithm, which analyzes user experience of interacting with a web page. That means if Google thinks your website users have a poor experience on your pages — measured by a new set of metrics called Core Web Vitals, Google may not rank those pages as highly as before. That means SEO specialists are very attentive to that update, as it can bring new headaches.

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TOBTO Recognized by Clutch!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve been listed as one of the top Content Dev in Ukraine by Clutch.

Graphic Design Trends 2020

  • Cyberpunk color schemes
  • Street art styles
  • Ultra thin geometry
  • Paper cut-out collages
  • Hand lettering with big personality
  • Dystopian aesthetic
  • Hyper-pastiche
  • Animation
  • Bevels and chisels
  • Live data visualization
  • Intensifying minimalism
  • Type-only approaches
  • Graphical disruption
  • Focus on Gen Alpha
  • A spirit of rebellion
  • Device dependent design
  • On-demand culture

Based on this, this.

Tobto Added A New Google Site


Graphic design is a such specialization, which demands all available spaces for portfolio and visual demoing. Recently TOBTO just opened a Google based free Business Site (My Business) just to put a dot on the Google Map.

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