Bank Of Global Identities


Global identity - is the central character of decentralized Web system: to be identified everywhere you have to be recognizable.

Probably the first step took OpenID - 'an open, decentralized, free framework for user-centric digital identity'. They think URI is the very core of Web architecture, as it provides a solid foundation for user-centric identity.

But I ask myself, - do we need that Bank Of Global Identities?

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Online remixer plus social music network

As SEO freelancing musician or musicianing SEO Freelancer I'm gladly inform you of new WEB 2.0 online music oriented network. Jamglue - an social music network, online community for creating and sharing original music and audio. Jamglue let you upload your music, create mixes and share your mixes with your friends. Moreover the service based on a great online remixer, kind of Nuendo or Acid, that allows you edit tracks right in your browser!

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What web sites Japanese access from mobiles


Latest survey tells on Japanese tastes:

  • Content, as ring tones, pics, .. - 61.0%
  • News and weather - 53.7%
  • Public transport info - 38.3%
  • Eating and drinking - 24.7%
  • Amusement-related (cinemas, etc) - 20.3%
  • Forum - 19.7%
  • SNS (Social Networking Service) - 15.3%
  • Blog - 15.3%
  • Don’t access web from mobile - 17.0%

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