Tobto Added A New Google Site


Graphic design is a such specialization, which demands all available spaces for portfolio and visual demoing. Recently TOBTO just opened a Google based free Business Site (My Business) just to put a dot on the Google Map.

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10 graphic design trends of 2019


The graphic design trends, as well modern SEO, nowadays change frequently. Located on the first line of contact with audience, these active ingredients of communications are important elements of marketing strategy and success.

This list was made by graphic design guru's 99designs and we know, that is the designers opinion, but UI/UX strategists in 2019 year could have another list.

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Hidden abstract art


Not very often you can find contemporary abstract art paintings with charismatic nature. Even if you are a modern art guru, you rarely see what others call neutral or modest art piece with delicacy under the canvas. Artists hide them from loudness and street noise. But we found.

Abstract painting Yu Polch - BlueId

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Nothing happens. A new Behance project


"Nothing Happens" is a set of horizontal almost monochrome photographs, which illustrate Zen axiom - you are there, where you are. Nothing happens, if you are away.

Available as prints.

Nothing Happens by Yu Polch

Please, visit this FB Group dedicated to photography.

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