64-bit smartphones on the corner


RealTime World is getting closer. As Apple launched recently their next iPhone 5S powered with A7 64-bit processor, we expect to see competitors bring next year more tablets and pads stuffed with power of 64-bit architecture.

That power is very appreciated by videoproducers, musicians and multimedia artists of all kinds. That means Mobile Web very soon will dominate over unmoving desktop world and with fingertips scan technology we will get enormous power 'under the finger tips'. 64-bit smartphones push entertainment up to the next level.

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Wikileaks and other 99.99% of population


Everybody talk of Wikileaks. Nothing special. Open information society means the open information for everyone in every region of the Earth, in every religion and every state.

Then - why Google made information accessed free for the whole World? Eric Schmid says: "the only way to manage the challenges is "much greater transparency and no anonymity." Eric Schmidt also stated that in an era of asymmetric threats, "true anonymity is too dangerous."

In my words, he said: "Access to information should be everywhere, free and for everyone."

Now we have the person who made the first real step towards that.

Are we go to open information society or we have a dark holes in global consciousness? Do some big gurus know where to lead other 99,99% of World?

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Instant caffeine


Google at last made us happy with arriving of Caffeine. I've almost forgot of Caffeine hype since Sept. 2009 and almost got decaffeined.

So what we have now?

Caffeine - is a new web indexing system built with nonlinear manner. That means all content analysed faster, smarter and included into index with 'pinpoint' quality. Finally that gives more relevant results.

Thanks guys for one more step toward Instant / Real Time Web!

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Songwriters ask


A new message for the thieves of intellectual property: "The Songwriters Guild of America has a message for the government: start prosecuting file-sharers, both criminally and civilly, because file-sharing is much worse than bank robbery."

Stealing of content now is much worst then copypaste ideology. SEO specialists have to say - intellectual property is Gold. Please, respect it.

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