Twitter economy?


Take one of the big ideals (democracy, peace, transparency, equality, and so on) and apply it to an ailing industry that is in need of transformation or at least some serious disruption: health care, finance, news, energy, government - you name it. Combine that with the principles of the Twitter economy - transparency, instantification, collaboration, and free sharing - and you have a winner - Umair Haque.

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60Ghz Aliance


If you think your Wi-Fi isn't fast enough for you, you are not alone. Recently line of top companies like Dell, Intel, LG, Microsoft, NEC, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, have organized the Wireless Gigabit (WiGig) Alliance, 'to establish a unified specification for 60GHz wireless technologies'. WiGig will allow to communicate without wires at gig speeds within a typical room.

Since 60Ghz is the same base as for mobile WiMAX (802.16е), I believe very soon we wil use HD-heavy streams everywhere from a room up to cities due to 4G, and I do can wait for my 4G netbook for aggressive SEO mobility.

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Deanonymized Privacy


Scientists learned to find anonymous users using mathematics. Arvind Narayanan and Vitaly Shmatikov (The University of Texas at Austin) demonstrated deanonymization algorithm applied to Flickr and Twitter.

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Twitter with Twitter


Today Google joined Twitter! I also joined Google on Twitter and got overwhelming info from service:

161 results in 0.000 seconds
Name results for: google

That means I've got 161 Google related sources on Twitter! Man, I can't read.. twitter so fast!

Then I asked for 'SEO' sources:

431 results in 0.000 seconds
Name results for: seo

So 'SEO' term has more fans than Google! But what about 'Twitter' with Twitter:

533 results in 0.001 seconds
Name results for: twitter

Nice selfpromo, called narcissism.

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