Voice search


Would you like to google with your voice? Why not. Try voice recognition technology called VoiceSearchBar. VoiceSearchBar uses free Microsoft SAPI speech recognition component which allows you to use a voice recognition for free (only IE version).

Voice recognition technology gives iPhone users opportunity to search with voice.

Seeking for voiceover for your next film?

Oh, SEO of voice search? Maybe vocoder ))

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Google Traffic Tool


Google launched a new traffic analysis tool - Google Trends For Websites, a new tool allowing web masters to estimate trafic tendencies of sites comparing them. So Google will be competing against such traffic services as Alexa, Compete, Hitwise, comScore, and others.

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Face SEO


Face Search Engine Picollator recognizes content of picture, sort of. You can search pictures of people, not utillizing a text query. You simply upload picture with face and Picollator finds pictures with similar smilers. Russian Face SE uses multi clusters, artificial neuron networks and nonlinear semantic filters. Sooth to say, I wasn't able to find my girlfriend' last year Summer pics using her lovely visage, and started to think on Face SEO of the future. Client: - Please, SEO my face!

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I am very excited to publish this news. I know there are a lot of possibilities over there, but I made a little tiny step I like - I have bought 250 TV-channels package from my optical cable provider. Global world! And, man,... ads are everywhere!! Goooosh! But I'm AntiTV guy!! ... 250 channels of ADS!!!

Is there investor for my AntiTv.tv domain and supported TV channel with just one TV-show called Dark Screen and talented music composer delivering Silence????

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