Open Source Music


If some says music industry dies - as we have strong trend towards decentralization, self-publishing, and direct artist-2-fan negotiation, but Sony BMG, EMI, UMG and Warner joined to deliver DRM-free music, I would say nothing gonna happen, as we have already a successful model of Open Source Software. Radiohead isn't a pioneer. Music goes the same road as Open Source stuf already did. Open Source Music motivation is already here. Viva la Open Source Music!

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Play Web 2.0 StartUp


Want to open Web 2.0 service fast? Do you play Web 2.0? Ok. Start your game here.

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Mobile Adsense


Google announced Mobile AdSense which allows to put contextual ads within mobile Web content. Mobile AdSense is a server-side script based on PHP, Perl, JSP and ASP.

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The Mobile Social Networks Grow


M:Metrics tells over 12 million people from U.S. and W. Europe accessed mobile social networking services from their cellphones in June 2007. Thats 3.5% of mobile subscribers, more than the total number of people which downloaded mobile games in June.

MySpace was the leader of popular social networkings with 3.7 million U.S. and 440.000 UK mobile users.

It seems to me that with development of such directions as individual branded mobile social networks more and more users will go away to mobile social networks.

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