Women Freelancers Team Got Started


I'm very happy to introduce you a new category 'Freelancers', which starts with a story of a beautiful Woman Freelancer. I understand she is not a SEO Freelancer, and, for sure, there are a lot of women freelancers over there. But I very much like to begin with a history of a real freelancer - a freelance photographer. If you know more, please, request interview.

So, Josephine - a photographer. I would say - The Photo Artist - Josephine

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Mobile Web 2.0 Wallpaper


Its interesting to watch as Web 2.0 style, spirit and the approach move to Mobile Phones forming a new paradigm of Mobile Web 2.0. For example, MoboPic is a service of creating wallpapers for mobile phones. With MoboPic you can uplodad image and crop it to your mobile screen size. MoboPic has presets for all major mobile brands such as Alcatel, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and others.

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Goodbye, Vonnegut


How sadly.. One of my favorite writers, Kurt Vonnegut, had gone in 84. Vonnegut died on April 11, 2007, in Manhattan, NY. There are books, links and readers, which will keep your spirit forever. I thought, such people as you live eternally... God bless you.

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Mobilized To Advertize


Yahoo Inc. has signed up top corporate advertisers to use its advertising system to run brand ads on mobile phones in 18 countries. That way advertizers will be heard by mobile phone users across Western Europe, South Asia and America. But SEO Freelancer can be heard by mobile users using simple and effective mobilizer-service. Why not use this simple approach, if even Nielsen Business Media’s top Web sites, as HollywoodReporter.com, Billboard.com, Adweek.com and Backstage.com have been mobilized that way?

Soon fueled by mobile phones, and increasingly popular social services, the cellphone advertising space is to grow. Last year, $421 mln or 2.6 percent of total online ad, was spent on mobile campaigns in U.S.

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