Google Analytics For PWA


Google Analytics can collect info of off-line browsing. An engineer Phil Walton @philwalton recently twited:

If you've built a website that works offline, and you're using Google Analytics, you should *definitely* be using Workbox so you can capture offline user-interactions too! It's just two lines of code to add to your service worker!

That means PWA does not hide tracking info, as somebody thought.

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Mobile SEO counts


Mobile delivery of content - is important from day one. But today Google officialy said it will check mobile capability errors as ranking factor. So mobile readiness or mobile usability is important than ever.

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Mobile Adult


My lovely theme of Mobile Social Advertising or Social Mobile Advertising, as you name it, seems go to see a great future. RWW writes: Mobile analytics company Flurry released research that shows that the available inventory for mobile advertising could absorb all Internet advertising.

I believe that will happen very soon or in use now. But. Why nobody tells that Google finished 2 years ago a field test related to mobile ad auditory in Japan? 60% of teens go to mobile Adult.

Bye-bye 2011! Hello, 2012!


As I written in 2008 Mobile social networks of 2012 will be mega popular. But it seems they will be even more bigger close to the end of year, as smartphone is getting more "smart" than "phone" to user. Lets see where we go from and where to.

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