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Mobile social-networking services grows fast: as AIRG - social networking on mobile phones since 2000, a mobile community is interconnected to more than +85 mobile operators globally, including Sprint Nextel, Cingular, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile.

Foursquare is a location-based web and mobile social network that allows registered users to post their location at a venue ("check-in") and connect with friends.

Instagram (free, iTunes) - 'fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures'.

Path (free, iTunes) is the smart journal that helps you share life with the ones you love — your thoughts, the music you're listening to, where you are,..

Oink – a mobile social network (free, iTunes), allows you to not just evaluate places, but things at those places – such as a specific type of beer at a bar or an item on a menu at restaurant.

Gree - blogs, sharing, Japan.

Keteke - social network from Spain - over mobile, web and TV. Keteke comes with the usual mix of user profiles, friend feeds, blogs and photo galleries.

GyPSii (The Netherlands) connects people and content to places and networks. GyPSii allows users to share their real life experiences in the virtual world using mobile devices and the web. It is a UGC (user generated content), social networking, UGC search & location based suite of integrated mobile and web applications - for users to share, view & upload pictures, video, text and POI (points of interest) with a geo-tag (location data) - place and track each other in their select communities. Find people and places, points of interest, map and navigate to them all.

Qeep, social network for mobile phones, offers interactive features like private messaging, photo-blogging with unlimited storage space, live multi-player gaming, sound sharing and QMS, a special kind of text message designed for qeep and costs a lot less than an SMS.

Shozu - SNS enables users to share videos and photos via their mobiles.

Brightkite - a location-based mobile social network, allows anyone to sign up and connect with their mobile network of friends, based on each man physical location at a given moment. Doesn’t require GPS (users send updates to the service via text messaging, pictures and emails).

Next2Friends is a Communications Platform and Mobile based Social Networking that interacts with any Mobile Device and allow Proximity Matching (Bluetooth), Live Streaming Video, Online Video Editing, Video Messaging.

Vipera - mobile social network based on downloadable application. Provide micro-blogging, instant messaging with dynamic multi-languages (Arabic and Asian languages), user ratings, commenting, presence tracking, support of full multimedia content (text, pictures, audio, video clips).

Kajeet (Children, tweeners) - offers pay-as-you-go cellular phone service created from a kid's point of view. Also provides ringtones, wallpapers and games..

Irovr (iPhone) - my friends, my profile, blogs, photos, links, video's,..

Imity (Open Source) - detects other members via bluetooth and send basic profile information to your phone. It also keeps track of people on its website, so you can check that out periodically from your normal computer. It’s bridges mobile and traditional social networks.

Aka-aki (Germany) - create a profile and download the java app to your phone. You can also create and join groups that say things about your life, job, etc. When you are near other people who are members, data about you is transmitted to them via bluetooth, and vice versa.

MOSH (Nokia) - mobile social networking with cross-platform design. Create, upload, collect and share applications (like games, software mashups, videos, blogs, music and photos) all from your mobile.

Mycitymate (Germany) - local mobile 2.0 community which helps people find new and trendy locations as well as old and new friends online and on mobile phones. A user just lets mycitymate know what he or she likes, for example in London, and mycitymate returns suitable recommendations for cities like Berlin, Madrid or Rome.

Bliin - uses satellite positioning technology. Users with Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled mobile phones log-on using a small application loaded onto the handset, lets share images, audio, text and video.

Viwawa - mobile gaming portal and social networking with multi-player, multi-platform gaming capabilities, ability to chat with opponents and friends from all over the world.

Meetmoi - Personalized Mobile Dating Service based on real time proximity search capabilities. The member simply sends a message from his/her phone to MeetMoi with a current location. MeetMoi then registers the user as 'Available' and sends the user's profile via text message to other users who meet his or her criteria and are also within a specified proximity preference (i.e. men aged 25 to 30 within 1 mile of the searching member).

Kakiloc - location-based mobile social networking, can send GPS report of your location in real-time.

Dogster - a social-networking site for people and their dogs, allows Internet-based monitoring of a pet's daily activities. (Same as Catster)

Mozes - mobile social nerworking, music oriented.

Walt Disney Japan

Buddyping - social network for mobiles. Let's you send messages, tag, geotag and publish pictures.

Zannel provides distribution for uploaded videos via mobile social networking - sends videos through a P2P network and are received via SMS messages.

VelvetPuffin - is integrated social networking service that allows its users to instantly communicate, create and share user-generated content of all types with friends and family through a mobile phone or desktop computer, completely carrier independent and offered at no cost to the consumer; merges instant messaging and social networking to create truly mobile social networking.

GotZapp - a mobile social networking platform that empowers users to create and send a dynamic combination of text, photos and music to Web-enabled mobile phones in a single transmission called a "Zapp."

Yootribe is a French mobile social networking, switchmod based.

Cerkle offers secure networking for friends, family and colleagues from text phone, smartphone, Blackberry, Mac or PC.

Jyngle is a free voice and text messaging service that helps you easily share information with your social groups.

FunkySexyCool is the mobile nightclub community, providing a premium mobile and web social networking service. The community enables members to contact and vote for other people in their space who share similar interests. Each month there is a major promotion with prizes available for the top voted members: photo album with unlimited image uploading. All features available via WAP-enabled mobiles, as well as online.

IQZone mobile service for creating and receiving classified ads. Snap, Send, Sell™ – iqzone allows anyone with a camera-enabled mobile device to take a photo or video clip of any product or service to post a classified ad. Users can also send text-only ads. Sellers can target ad distribution, while buyers can track items and have alerts sent to their mobile device.

Fon11 - Developed by MoBlast Technologies, Fon11 could become the hottest mobile SN for the iPhone. With a nice UI and great features like the ability to see just how far away users' contacts are from them, availability status messages, visibility settings and more, it seems Fon11 has a lot more to offer than the rest of the pack.

Wireless Factors is a members-only social network and information service designed to facilitate business development through "business to business" and peer-to-peer networking for its members.

SuperPages - Social Networking and Local Search, provides robust local search capabilities, along with ratings and user reviews, to connect circles of trusted individuals.

Mobloco - localized, mobile community that allows consumers to RSVP, tag and post events, send and received text messages, create mobile profiles and connect people to the social scene in their local area (NBA All-Star). - a social networking site designed specifically for mobile devices features all the functionality users have come to expect including custom profiles, image upload, music uploads, video uploads, friends, messaging.

Mixi (Japan) - launched in February 2004. - a mobile social community featuring user generated content (videos and pictures), messaging, chat, your own mobile homepage and a forum.

Social networking website Moob (Australia) offers subscribers relevant credible information on hip hop and urban music in all its forms, including artist interviews, local and global news, events and tours, clubs, clothing, music downloads, ringtones, wallpapers, games and so much more.

Hobnobster, operated by Feedtext Inc., is a web and mobile social networking and bookmarking service where individuals get to message, mix and mingle with individuals of their choice.

Jaxtris a widget that users can put into their social networking sites or blogs, designed to work with many popular social networking sites.

minglenow - social network is to help people find places and other people to connect with, send out invites for parties and get-togethers.

myGamma is an international mobile networking community with paid membership. It is a social networking service where users interact with each other through instant messaging, sharing of photos, participating in user-generated groups and play online role-playing games, among others. myGamma is currently available to paying members in Australia, Brunei, China, Egypt, India, Ireland, Indonesia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Morocco, Romania, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States (Oct 2006).

zannel - mobile based social network for sharing videos and pictures with friends.

With Enpresence, your cell phone can "watch" for approaching friends you want to meet up with. Or, you can hook up with other members in your network who are close by.

aSmallWorld - is a private online community for like-minded individuals. Most networking communities are open. Ours is only by invitation. Trusted members who have existing social networks of quality in the real world extend the invitations. aSmallWorld offers a retreat that intimately allows members to enhance their networks and to reconnect with old friends.

Part blogging, part location-based personal networking, Rabble connects you with the world in a unique and intuitive way by turning "users" into "producers" and creating a marketplace for mobile user-generated content.

FriendsTribe is a mobile social network from New York-based Luxinteract Inc. The service works everywhere in the US since it relies on text messaging. Among the features: tag your favorite venues (restaurants, clubs), upload images and video clips, create events and invite your friends from your cellphone.

Plymedia (no mobile version yet) allows users to overlay content, say geographic information, a clickable advertisement, or music, on the video itself and display it or distribute it.

Juicecaster is 'to transform the world of consumer generated content, social media and blogging by creating and running the most advanced, feature-rich multi-media, multi-device user-friendly consumer generated content network ever.'

Festuc - mobile social network in Spain. Users can go to any club or bar and see who's near, use alerts on their friends or other people on the network, send messages by SMS or WAP.

BuddyPing allows you to track the location of your friends via text message.

Treemo is an online and mobile community that helps you profile and share your digital media, empower your self-expression, and suke up your creativity. Treemo offers an ever-evolving gallery of video, audio, photography, words, and visual art.

PixSense offers photo-uploading, categorization, image quality enhancement, personal publishing and sharing facilities, unlimited lifetime storage, and a full-featured Web and phone gallery.

With iPrioritize you can make Simple to-do lists that you can use to organize your tasks. You can drag your tasks up and down as and when your priorities change.

Cellfire is an online application that lets you access coupons for large number of restaurants, stores, entertainment venues and more.

Nimbuzz lets you use your mobile to chat and send text messages to all your friends in the Nimbuzz community, MSN or Google Talk, to call anyone around the world at the rate of a local call.

Zyb lets you backup your mobile data and gain online access to your mobile's contacts and calendar. With Zyb you can store, manage and even share your mobile's content with friends. Zyb is here to make sure you'll never lose your contacts again!
Radar allows you to share your camera phone pics with your circle of friends. Allowing them instant access to the content from just about any phone or PC, to profile and store data, get comments about your pictures.

Wadja - Make friends, send FREE text (sms) messages, share photos, music, and video clips from one mobile phone to another. Geography, service provider, handset, screen size... it doesn't matter, Wadja goes where you go.

mbuzzy - mobile social network for teens.

phling! - is mobile social networking service: users can "listen to music while mobile, review and submit song ratings, browse each other's phling! profiles, discover new music, and exchange your views on what's hot and whats not!"

playtxt is the location based mobile community. Who What Anywhere is a mantra to help you interactive more easily with your circle of friends while you discover and share local information on your mobile phone, across the world; provides web-to-SMS messaging services, as part of a large selection of advanced functionality available via free membership of its location based mobile community. It recognises 200000 places in 3527 regions in 238 countries. (Dec. 2006)

For camera phones PixSense offers photo-uploading, categorization, image quality enhancement, personal publishing and sharing facilities, unlimited lifetime storage, and a full-featured Web and phone gallery.

Groovr is a mobile social network that is not as much focused on SMSing each other over SMSing your location, and others SMSing to locate your friends.

Mobile social networking Mamasa (Japan) identifies young mothers as its main audience to share information regarding pregnancy, child rising, fashion and other questions through mobile blogging.

Pliba (Ireland ) - World's First Booking System for Mobile Internet Users, designed to allow anyone with a GPRS or 3G phone to book anything simply and quickly on any mobile phone and on any wireless network worldwide.

ImThere mobile social network attempts to connect members around events like concerts, film festivals and parties. Users start by completing a profile page, and ImThere helps you meet new friends by showing you local users with similar interests. You can then build a network of friends, list events, post reviews on venues, artists and events and - of course - post pictures and comments to the site via your mobile phone.

Loopt - service uses GPS to help users find their friends' mobile phones anywhere in the U.S., allowing them to zoom into a city map or zoom out to find out where they are.

MobiLuck - send messages for free and meet people with your mobile phone: detect all nearby Bluetooth devices, send messages and photos for free to friends or strangers with no need of their phone numbers, hear when you receive a Bluetooth message and reply to the sender! Send your profile and receive profiles from other MobiLuckers including their photo.

Saki - to manage your social network, find old friends, map favorite locations, create party invitations, express your opinions or even chat via Avatar IM.

Mobloco - Atlanta-based service combines mobile event listings social interaction - you can find, tag and add events, as well as receiving event alerts on your phone.

3Guppies - find, create and download music, pictures, video to just about any cell phone.

MyStrands - music discovery and social networking site, includes mobile features as a mobile Web portal and personalized radio station, personal version of partyStrands, service for party organizers, bars, clubs and DJs.

MOABC is a leading provider of mobile social networking, mobile entertainment and mobile internet portals in China. MOABC initiated Web 2.0+ mobile blog services to provide fun and entertaining content for over 300 million mobile users in China.

Wattpad - enables mobile users worldwide to read, share and request user's stories on mobile phones. Instant access to 20,000+ stories.

Mobango is the Universal Mobile Community that allows cell phone users to publish, convert, and share with friends all kinds of user generated content - via the web and mobile devices- for personalizing and empowering the new cell phone's generation.

Jaiku (Finland) is to bring people closer together by enabling them to share their presence. For us, presence is about everyday things as they happen - what you're up to, how you're feeling, where you're going. We offer a way to connect with the people you care about by sharing presence updates with them on the Web and mobile.

Socialight is a fun, new community that lets you connect in totally new ways - by creating, sharing, and discovering virtual Sticky Notes placed at specific locations using your mobile phone or the web and is about location-based information. You can create Stickies anywhere in the world for your friends, for everyone, or just for yourself.

Twitter - a global community of friends and strangers answering one simple question: What are you doing?

Winksite makes it easy to publish mobile websites and build simple social connections via mobile phones. Join Winksite's quarter million monthly users in 150 countries in the first, simple, concrete steps to making the mobile Internet open and universally accessible.

Nokia Sensor is a spontaneous, sociable application for spontaneous, sociable people. You can create your own personal pages - called a folio - on your phone. Then you can check out the folios of other Sensor users nearby, exchange messages and share files.

Ccube is the mobile social network where people find and connect over the phone - in a way that is safe, immediate, personal and truly mobile. Using any phone, any carrier, no downloads.

Digby is a mobile electronic commerce service that radically simplifies the buying experience by delivering rich content from name brand merchants in an easy to navigate format for mobile devices.

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Try adding one of these brilliant five products: polls, maps,
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I preffer the storyz mobile social networking app the most, it's very easy to use and it is more focused on the privacy then the others, but the thing i like the most about it is that it works on multiple platforms, i can use it on my pc, i can use it with mu iphone, as well as my ordinary mobile phone

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hey to all who read this,i was wonderin if any1 could point me in the write direction i wana develop a mobile chat application,pls help Me out

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Viperas integration of blogs, comments, friends and ratings would hardly be feasible on a micro browser. Thats why the chose a downloadable app I guess.

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ok at the risk of sounding like spam, ill just say that peekamo is the only legit free sms texting out their.

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