Mobile Web 2.0


Nice guys Jyri Engestrom and Petteri Kopone, the founders of mobile social networking company Jaiku, have sold their company to Google. Yahoo is beta-testing social network Mash. And some tells Google going to buy Yahoo ;)

David Filo, co-founder of Yahoo! Inc in 1995 says: 'The idea that people use mobile devices only for voice calls will change. Though text messages and voice calls will continue to drive the business, complex services and applications will arrive on the mobile devices. In the coming years, we can see people shifting from mere voice services to data services and other applications. They will be spending more on these new services. The second area, which will drive the Internet, is the community and social space. User generated content is bringing a lot of people together. This momentum will gain strength in the coming days.'

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Google and Mobile Social Networks


Mobile social networking madness reached beaches of Google. As we remember Google bought a tiny mobile social network called dodgeball. Soon its founders Dennis Crowley and Alex Rainert left G. And today G buys next mobile social network - Zingku, that integrates txt messaging, IM, email. As we see Google buys mobile technologies. Maybe doesn't buy, but collects them, as a smart collector does.

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Guidelines for Mobile Webdesign

  • CSS-based layout
  • Proportional measures (em, %)
  • XHTML or XML coding standards
  • Character encoding in UTF-8
  • Design for different mobile screen sizes: 120px to 640px x 480x
  • Logical structure
  • Select values from a list of choices
  • Images: jpeg or gif
  • Always provide a [back] link
  • Keep maximum page size under 20 kb
  • Music: CD-quality
  • Video: 3-to-20-minute time frame
  • Buy .Mobi Domain
  • Check your mobile site: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
  • Submit your .mobi web site.

Use .mobi standards.

Build your mobile website by yourself or mobilize it with Mdog / Zinadoo / Feed2Mobile / Mowser / Wapple.

Read full intro of Mobile Design Practice and mobile phones design resources.

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The Elements of the Mobile Context


(The information below was taken from presentation by C. Enrique Ortiz "The Elements of the Mobile Context"

The mobile context can be defined as the intersection between the elements that defines it. These elements include:

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